Compete in the global energy market and technology sector with our high performance and quality.

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Sufragio Efectivo #728 Nte. Col. Zona Norte

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We are a transportation specialist company, family owned and operated, based out of Sonora, México. We serve mining, industrial, agricultural, and fishing sectors.

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All our units have GPS to give the exact location of the vehicle and the approximate time of delivery of the product. We are located at strategic points in the State of Sonora to a better service to our customers.


We have the best logistics service with a modern fleet and high technological capacity.

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Quality in service:

The best product delivered in the exact time.

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Security and trust :

The best standards for the handling of dangerous goods. Our staff is highly qualified to offer the best service to our customers.

Products and Services

Our Clients::

Mining, chemicals, food, lubricants and refined fuels industries.

We have the best operators, trained and attached to the safety standards set by PEMEX and the mining industry:

100% of our operators have license type BE Federal, which is specifically used for the handling of hazardous materials.

We transport all over the country:

We specialize in mountain areas.